The Top 10 Things You Need to be Doing on Instagram Right Now to Improve your Business

Dec 1, 2020

The whole world has gone digital, so we’ve compiled the top ten things you need to be doing NOW to drive your business online. 

  1. Building your Brand Voice: This often goes unnoticed but is potentially one of the most important aspects of your business. Your brand voice identifies who you are online. So much of what we consume is in the form of words, and if you can’t convey who you are, then people will have a hard time connecting with you! 

  1. Solidifying your Brand Pillars: You’ve got your brand voice, but what about the core and essence of what you plan to do for people? What kind of value do you plan to provide?

  1. Creating your Ideal Client: Combining both elements of your voice and pillars, you can decide who you want to serve. Who is it that you are going to be providing value for?

  1. Posting Useful Content: You can now effectively create content for the world to see! You know exactly who you are, what you plan to provide, and WHO you want to provide for. Not every post has to be educational, but if it relates back to your purpose, then you’re on the right track. 

  1. Utilizing Hashtags: Do they matter? Yes! Instagram is NOT SEO friendly, therefore using hashtags will give people the opportunity to find your content. You spent time creating it, so you want as many eyes on it as possible! 

  1. Lead Generation: We don’t want to solely rely on hashtags to bring people to our page and see our content. We have to actively search for them in order to bring in fresh eyes! You can search within the hashtags OR search your ideal client directly. 

  1. Showing up on Stories: People buy from people. That means they need to see you! They need to connect with you and know that you’re a real person that they could potentially be buying from. Connecting with your audience even at a low-risk level can mean the difference! So, yes! What’s for breakfast? How do you like your coffee? Are you Team cat or dog? Let them know!

  1. Engage Engage Engage: You’re building up a great following, but that doesn’t mean your followers will be fans forever. You’ve got to make sure you’re connecting with them on any level. Are they replying to your stories and answering your questions? Give them a little more than a “lol” in the comments. Jazz it up! 

  1. Reels: What is this new concept of reels? The world is still learning, but it’s a great way to cheat the algorithm and potentially find some new leads! Have fun with it and be silly. Everyone can use a good laugh! 

  1. Learning and Education: Social media is constantly changing and we can never plan to stay ahead of the algorithm, but we can make sure we are keeping ourselves educated on what we can! Having a successful business is never forgetting that learning is your greatest skill.

So, there you have it. By following these 10 tips, you’ll be able to build and scale your business on Instagram. If you’re consistent and yourself, then your business will be successful.

– Confetti Community



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